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STICERD: The CEO Time Use Project

Project News

  • November 2014
    Marketplace video and article: "What do CEOs do all day?"

  • March 2014
    WSJ article on CEO time use: "Do CEOs of Family-Owned Businesses Work Less?"

  • December 2013
    India time use working paper released: Managing the Family Firm: Evidence from CEOs at Work

  • June 2013
    Global CEO Time Use Project: 800 surveys completed; analysis begins.

  • January 2013
    Executive Time Use discussed in WSJ's Saturday Essay and The Org by Ray Fisman and Tim Sullivan.

  • October 2012
    Global CEO Time Use Project launched: CEOs to be surveyed in Brazil, France, Germany, UK, US.

  • September 2012
    India Survey presented at International Growth Week

  • April 2012
    New report featured in Financial Times

  • February 2012
    New report featured on WSJ

  • February 2012
    Research report on span of control

  • July 2011
    India survey completed

  • May 2011
    Project featured in The Economist

  • May 2011
    India CEO data collection begins

  • October 2010
    New Book: 'The Ruling Class: Management and Politics in Modern Italy', edited by Tito Boeri, Antonio Merlo, and Andrea Prat - launched.

  • September 2010
    India pilot completed

  • September 2010
    China Pilot completed

  • February 2010
    Time Use Project used as study tool at Harvard Business School