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Book Launch
City Survivors: Bringing up children in disadvantaged neighbourhoods

Anne Power will launch her new publication City Survivors with a seminar at LSE on -

Thursday 22nd November

4.30pm to 6.00pm

- in the CEP Conference Room (R405), 4th Floor, Research Laboratory, 10 Portugal Street, London WC2A 2HD.

This event is FREE but booking is essential.

An informal drinks reception will follow the seminar.

To request a seat for this event, please contact:
Anna Tamas email:, tel: +44(0)20-7955-6562.

About the book:
City Survivors is based on yearly visits over seven years to two hundred families living in four highly disadvantaged city neighbourhoods, two in East London and two in Northern inner and outer city areas. Twenty four families explain over time from the inside, how neighbourhoods in and of themselves directly affect family survival. These stories convey powerful messages from parents about the problems they want tackled, and the things that would help.

The book offers original and in-depth, qualitative evidence in a readable and accessible form that will be invaluable to policy-makers, practitioners, university students, academics and general readers interested in the future of families in cities.

Anne Power: City Survivors: Bringing up children in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Bristol: Policy Press.

Paperback £21.99 ISBN 9781847420497 ---- Hardback £60.00 ISBN 9781847420503

To order this book please see

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Book Launch
Jigsaw cities: Big Places, Small Spaces

Jigsaw cities: Big places, small spaces

14 March 2007

by Anne Power and John Houghton

This new book explores Britain's intensely urban and increasingly global communities as interlocking pieces of a complex jigsaw; they are hard to see apart yet they are deeply unequal. How did our major cities become so divided? How do they respond to housing and neighbourhood decay?

Jigsaw Cities examines these issues using Birmingham, Britain's second largest city, as a model of pioneering urban order and as a victim of brutal Modernist planning.

Through a close look at major British cities, using Birmingham as a case study, the book explores:
  • the origins of Britain's acute urban decline and sprawling exodus;
  • the reasons why "one size doesn't fit all" in cities of the future;
  • the potential for smart growth, mixed communities and sustainable cities.
Based on live examples and hands-on experience, this extremely accessible book offers a unique 'insider' perspective on policy making and practical impacts. It will attract policymakers in cities and government as well as students, regeneration bodies, community organisations and environmental specialists.

Anne Power is Professor of Social Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science; Sustainable Development Commissioner responsible for regeneration and sustainable communities; member of the Government's Urban Task Force; author of books on cities, communities and marginal housing areas in the UK and abroad.

John Houghton was head of the Communities Division at the Neighbourhood Renewal Unit; a visiting research associate at CASE; and currently a Harkness scholar at the University of Minnesota. John Houghton worked as Anne Power's assistant during 2002-03 while Anne was Chair of the Independent Commission on the Future of Housing in Birmingham.

Read more at the Policy Press and download free sample chapters in Adobe PDF.
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