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CASE News:
Review of material deprivation questions and methodology

Published/Broadcast 5 May 2022

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has commissioned CASE to conduct a review of the Households Below Average Income (HBAI) material deprivation measures and the questions in the Family Resources Survey (FRS) which are used to derive these measures.
Specifically, the review will explore:

  • which material deprivation items for families with children, families with working-age adults and families with pensioners should be included in the FRS
  • what are the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches for determining who is materially deprived
  • what are the advantages and disadvantages of developing a “core” set of questions for the whole population alongside measures aimed at specific family types
  • do the advantages of changing the material deprivation items and methodology/methodologies outweigh the disadvantages, for example a break in the time series

Abigail McKnight will be the principal investigator, with Irene Bucelli, Tania Burchardt, and Eleni Karagiannaki as co-investigators.

Find out more about the project.