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CASE News:
CASE celebrates 25th birthday

Published/Broadcast 2 September 2022

The Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion (CASE) celebrated its 25th Birthday at a special event on 7 and 8 September 2022. The first day of the event reflected on Professor John Hills's contributions during his time as the first director of CASE (1997-2016). On 8 September, sessions looked back at CASE's research from the past 25 years, with a catch up with some CASE alumni and look forward to the future.

Presentation slides from the event will shortly be available below.

Wednesday 7 September - Celebrating John Hills's contributions

Cross cutting welfare state analysis
Paul Johnson (Institute for Fiscal Studies) 25 years of pensions and social security policy
Polly Vizard (CASE) John Hills's cross-cutting framework for welfare state analysis
Ruth Lupton (University of Manchester) 25 years of CASEwork on areas and neighbourhoods

Poverty, inequality and social security
Kitty Stewart (CASE) A time of need: Exploring the changing poverty risk facing larger families in the UK
Bea Cantillon (University of Antwerp) Decent Incomes for all: why do rich nations fail?
Giovanni Razzu (University of Reading) An Anatomy of Economic Inequality: the work of the National Equality Panel

Housing and fuel poverty
Mark Stephens (University of Glasgow) Housing and poverty - John Hills's contribution
Becky Tunstall (University of York) Learning from John Hills - on social housing
Abigail McKnight (CASE) Fuel poverty: The Hills Review and recent developments

Thursday 8 September - CASE at 25 and beyond

CASE at 25 - Disadvantage and Inequalities
Abigail McKnight (CASE) Using theory to inform the development of measurement frameworks: the MIF and the EMF
Irene Bucelli (CASE) Tackling poverty and inequality: how policy toolkits can provide academic rigour to policy making
Tania Burchardt (CASE) Taking seriously the social determinants of care and their consequences

CASE at 25 - CASE alumni
Aaron Grech (Bank of Malta), Tiffany Tsang (Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association), Ben Baumberg Geiger (King’s College London), Tom Sefton (Good Company), Caroline Paskell (Ipsos), Orsolya Lelkes (independent researcher)

CASE at 25 - Policy evaluation
Jane Waldfogel (Columbia University) Evaluating the (short-lived) US experiment with a child benefit
Anne Power (CASE/LSE Housing and Communities) Qualitative methods evolved by LSE Housing and Communities
Ilona Pinter (CASE) Researching child poverty and inequality in the asylum and immigration system

CASE beyond 25 - Thinking Poverty: are our concepts fit for purpose? (Panel discussion)
Fran Bennett (University of Oxford), Suzanne Fitzpatrick (Heriot-Watt University), Julian Le Grand (London School of Economics), Kate Summers (London School of Economics), Chris Goulden (Youth Futures Foundation)