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CASE News:
“Transition to Adulthood in an Intergenerational Family Context” A new Understanding working paper authored by Eleni Karagiannaki

Published/Broadcast 5 June 2024

A new Understanding Society working paper authored by Eleni Karagiannaki analyses how young people’s transitions into adulthood in the UK have changed over time and how these changes are shaped by social and economic conditions. The paper shows that the transition to adulthood underwent significant changes for successive cohorts of young adults in the UK. Even though there has been convergence in the transitions to adulthood trajectories among young adults from different social backgrounds, the transition to adulthood remains strongly socially stratified and influenced by social and economic conditions. This paper is part of work conducted as part of an Understanding Society Fellowship “Transition to adulthood in the UK in an intergenerational context” (link to the project website here). 

You can read the paper in the link below:

Transition to adulthood in an intergenerational family context: a cohort and gender analysis based on Understanding Society – Understanding Society