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Research Excellence Framework 2021

Published/Broadcast 25 May 2022

Overall, LSE's outstanding contribution to social science research has once again been recognised by the 2021 Research Excellence Framework (REF). LSE is shown as the top university (of multiple submissions) in the UK based on the proportion of 'world-leading' research produced. LSE is also the joint second ranking university in the UK overall, when considering research outputs, research impact and research environment.

The Department of Economics' outstanding contribution to Economics is also recognised, being ranked 1st overall, amongst all other UK HEIs submitted to the Economics and Econometrics Unit of Assessment.

Research led by STICERD members Professor Oriana Bandiera, Robin Burgess, and Professor Sir Tim Besley has contributed to the Department of Economics' ranking.

Professor Sir Tim Besley's research has made a significant contribution to understanding state development and the causes of state fragility, shaping the work of multilateral development agencies.
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Professors Oriana Bandiera and Robin Burgess' research provided robust evidence that large, one-off interventions can produce sustainable economic benefits for individuals, improving the lives of people in extreme poverty. Read more: Improving the lives of the ultra-poor

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