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STICERD brings together world-class academics to put economics and related disciplines at the forefront of research and policy. Founded in 1978 by the renowned Japanese economist Michio Morishima, with donations from Suntory and Toyota, we are a thriving research community within the LSE.

For researchers, who spend most of their time trying things that don't work, a supportive environment makes all the difference. Throughout the years STICERD has provided that environment and allowed many young researchers to realise their, often exceptionally high, potential. This year we were reminded precisely of that when Jim Poterba came to give the Morishima lecture. Jim is one of the first and undoubtedly most successful "graduates" of STICERD. He was here at the very beginning and brought us a bit of history: our first working paper! It was "Taxation, Incentives and the Distribution of Income" by STICERD former directors Anthony Atkinson and Nick Stern. It was a great occasion to welcome back Jim, who gave a fantastic lecture on retirement plans, and to remind us that decade after decade STICERD researchers have strived to provide rigorous, evidence-based answers to policy relevant questions.

The contrast with the commonly held view of economics as forecasting financial parameters prompted me to take action to inform the public of what economists really do. You can see my Royal Economic Society lecture on our YouTube channel and contribute to the debate on Twitter at #whateconomistsreallydo.

Professor Oriana Bandiera
Director of STICERD