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Director's introduction


STICERD brings together world-class academics to put economics and related disciplines at the forefront of research and policy. Founded in 1978 by the renowned Japanese economist Michio Morishima, with donations from Suntory and Toyota, we are a thriving research community within the LSE.

Since it was founded, STICERD has provided a supportive environment where experienced and young researchers mix together and discuss ideas. We are proud of how many excellent careers have been launched though STICERD with so many going on to exceptional achievements. STICERD has always been about blending theoretical insights and empirical research as embodied in the work of two if its early directors Tony Atkinson and Nick Stern. The inspiration for the centre came from Michio Morishima whose portrait hangs in our seminar room. But above all what lives in is the spirit of collegiality and cooperation which goes from one generation to another. We are also proud of the diverse array of academic pursuits that STICERD has supported over the years along with many public events.

The past few months have been in many ways the most challenging that STICERD has known not least because we have lost that face-to-face interaction that binds us together. Our exceptional group of professional services staff has kept the show on the road and we owe a huge debt of thanks to Oriana Bandiera for her contribution as STICERD Director. She is not heading for a rest though as she takes up a position as a co-editor of Econometrica and we wish her well with that and her many other pursuits. But she will remain an integral part of our community. My hope is that during the coming academic year, we will be together on campus again with an even greater commitment to the values that bind us together and that we will soon be welcoming back visitors.

Photo: Tim Besley

Professor Sir Tim Besley
Director of STICERD