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Political Science and Political Economy Research Seminar

The Confederate Diaspora

Samuel Bazzi (University of California, San Diego), joint with Andreas Ferrara, Martin Fiszbein, Thomas Pearson, and Patrick A. Testa

Tuesday 14 March 2023 14:00 - 15:30

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About this event

This paper shows how white migration out of the early postbellum South helped to diffuse and entrench Confederate culture across the United States at a critical juncture of westward expansion, national reconciliation, and nation building. These migrants laid the groundwork for Confederate memorialization and racial norms to become pervasive nationally in the early 20th century. Former Confederates, and especially those from slaveholding backgrounds, sorted into positions of power, exacerbated racial violence, and built exclusionary institutions. Migrants transmitted Confederate nostalgia to their children and to non-Southern white populations in their new communities. The legacy of the Confederate diaspora persists over the long run with implications for racial inequity in labor and housing markets as well as policing. Together, our findings shed new light on the role of migration in shaping the cultural and institutional foundations of racial animus across America.

The Political Science and Political Economy (PSPE) research group at the LSE brings together faculty and PhD students who do quantitative and/or formal research on political institutions, political behaviour, public policy, and political economy.

The PSPE Research Seminar provides a venue for researchers (mostly from outside of the LSE) to present their work.

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