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Each year, STICERD awards a number of grants to fund research and related events across the School

  1. Dr Ashwini Agrawal (Finance): Employee job search during mergers and acquisitions; (£3,200)
  2. Dr Daniel Berliner (Government): Studying Government responsiveness using large-scale administrative data: evidence from 1 million information requests in Mexico (£5,000)
  3. Professor Timothy Besley, Ms Shan AmanRama (Economics): Incentive effects of automation in bureaucracies - empirical evidence from Pakistan (£5,000)
  4. Dr Felipe Carozzi, Prof Christian Hilber (Geography and Environment): The Effects of Help to Buy on Housing Construction (£4,759)
  5. Dr Joan Costa-Font (Health Policy), Dr Berkay Ozcan (Social Policy): Disadvantage of Premature Birth (£4,890)
  6. Dr Rafael Hortala-Vallave, Professor Valentino Larcinese (Government): When does paternalism backfire? (£5,000)
  7. Dr Xavier Jaravel (Economics): The Real Effects of R&D Subsidies (£5,000)
  8. Dr Xavier Jaravel (Economics): A new poverty index from global scanner data (£8,850)
  9. Dr Adnan Khan (IGC): Bureaucracy and Development Policy: Opening the Black box of Governance (£10,000)
  10. Dr Tatiana Komarova (Economics): Ex-Ante and Ex-Post Subcontracting (£3,485)
  11. Professor Camille Landais, Ms Giulia Giupponi (Economics): Spousal Labor Supply Responses to Fatal Health Shocks and their Implications for the Design of Social Insurance (£5,000)
  12. Professor Valentino Larcinese (Government): Coordination without the party: an analysis of roll call votes in the Italian parliament (1861-1924) (£2,2500)
  13. Dr Tiziana Leone (International Development): Age at menarche in LIMCS: timing and determinants (£4,986)
  14. Dr Patrick McGovern (Sociology), Dr Eiko Thielemann (Government): Free to work in the EU? Immigrant access to employment in the UK and Germany (£4,466)
  15. Mr Thomas Minten, Dr Johannes Spinnewijn (Economics): The choice of deductibles and consumption of health care (£5,000)
  16. Professor Edward Page (Government): Spatial Mobility of Administrative Elites. Hotspots and Backwaters in Public Management Careers (£4,762)
  17. Dr Stephane Wolton (Governmen): The price of liberty (£4,480)