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STICERD Grants for LSE Staff


General Information

  1. STICERD will consider applications for grants to fund research and research-related activities (including dissemination of findings and public outreach)  from members of the academic staff of the London School of Economics whose continuous employment demonstrates a substantial long-term commitment to the School.

  2. Support is offered in two main categories:

    1. Small Grants: including pump-priming projects, topping-up of ongoing projects, and bridging between external grants.

    2. Conferences: low priority is given to applications for conference funding. Applications in support of conferences to be held at the LSE would receive priority over applications to attend conferences outside LSE.

      Please note that STICERD CANNOT consider applications for seminar or workshop funding.

  3. Applications for funding are normally considered up to a maximum of £5,000. However a small number (2 or 3) of applications exceeding this amount may be funded at each meeting. In no circumstances will applications in excess of £10,000 be considered. Applicants for grants below may wish to indicate how they would spend an additional £5,000 were that to be offered.

    For applications from members of STICERD these sums would be exclusive of LSE overheads on staff costs so as to put STICERD applicants on the same basis as other members of the School who do not pay such overheads.

  4. Applications are considered on both the intrinsic merit of the proposed research and the value for money that the proposal represents. Applicants are requested to explain clearly what the objectives are, what methods will be used and why the research is novel. Applications that do not contain this information are unlikely to be approved. Applications that do not make clear why large budget items (such as overseas trips) are essential to the research may be rejected or be awarded only reduced funding.

Applications will be considered twice a year at the Lent and Summer term meetings of the Steering Committee.

Please note that each person can only submit one application in a given round.

Please note that STICERD requires successful applicants to comply with the LSE's Research Ethics Policy. Submitting a copy of the self-certification or ethical approval to STICERD is required previous to the disbursement of any funds. Please read information on the LSE's Research Ethics Policy, available online

The deadline for the next round of applications is 10 February 2021.

Please return completed application forms to: Kalliopi Vacharopoulou, via email.

Download the application form: