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John Hills

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our friend and colleague Professor Sir John Hills. John joined the LSE in 1986 and played a significant role in STICERD's Welfare State Programme before co-founding CASE in 1997, which he directed between 1997 and 2016. He also co-directed the LSE's International Inequalities Institute 2015-2018 and was Richard Titmuss Professor of Social Policy at the LSE and the Chair of CASE. John will be remembered as a brilliant scholar and an intellectual giant who made tremendous contributions to social science. His work has had a major impact on social policy, especially in relation to poverty and inequality. He was a generous colleague, and a kind and modest man. To many of us he was an inspiration, mentor and a friend and we will miss him sorely. We send our deepest condolences to his wife Anne Power and to their family.

View our tribute website to John here.

News Posted: 23 December 2020      [Back to the Top]

Google Celebrates Sir W Arthur Lewis

Today, Google is honouring Sir W Arthur Lewis with a Doodle, 41 years on from the day he was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in economics.

Read more about Sir Arthur Lewis on the LSE Department of Economics website and what Professor Tim Besley, W Arthur Lewis Professor of Economics and director of STICERD, has said welcoming this recognition of Arthur Lewis.

News Posted: 10 December 2020      [Back to the Top]

New STICERD Research Programme

We are pleased to announce the inauguration of a new STICERD Economics of Environment and Energy Research Programme.

This will serve as a focal point for faculty, PhD students and pre-docs in STICERD and the Economics Department with interests in this fast growing area of research. The programme will support and encourage research on how economic growth can be made cleaner as well as how to mitigate potential environmental damages from growth. The objective of the programme is to emphasize the importance of these concerns in mainstream economic thinking and to create the kind of policy-relevant research needed to address environmental and energy challenges at both scale and speed. The areas of covered in the programme include include technological innovation, economic growth, climate change, pandemics, political economy, infrastructure, cities, migration, welfare policies, pollution, biodiversity loss, environmental degradation, energy, occupational change and behavioural change. We are grateful to Oriana Bandiera for her efforts in setting up the programme when she was STICERD Director. STICERD and the ERC will provide initial financial support for the programme.

Robin Burgess, Director, Economics of Environment and Energy Programme
Tim Besley, STICERD Director

News Posted: 26 October 2020      [Back to the Top]

Professor Tim Besley reappointed to National Infrastructure Commission

Professor Sir Tim Besley CBE has been reappointed to the National Infrastructure Commission by the Chancellor. Professor Besley is School Professor of Economics and Political Science and W. Arthur Lewis Professor of Development Economics at the LSE. He is Director of STICERD. He was a co-chair of the LSE Growth Commission, a member of the IFS's Mirrlees Review panel, and Chair of the Council of Management of the National Institute of Economic and Social Research.

Find out more from the National Infrastructure Commission website.

News Posted: 29 September 2020      [Back to the Top]