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Call for proposals

The Hayek Programme in Economics and Liberal Political Economy invites applications for the first round of PhD Grants to encourage broader participation in the programme. This is a call for PhD students whose research proposals align with themes in Hayek's work such as the use of knowledge in society, the role of the state, political and economic freedom, macro-economics, entrepreneurship and innovation; more details can be found in the description provided on the website. Applicants must be currently enrolled in an MRes/PhD programme at LSE to be eligible for this call. Student applications would have to be countersigned by their PhD supervisors to be deemed acceptable.

Applications for PhD grants are considered for up to a maximum of £2,500 but can be extended to the ultimate limit of £5000 under exceptional circumstances. These grants will fund research assistance, data collection and/or purchase, and field trips. Applicants are requested to explain clearly what the objectives are, what methods will be used and why the research is novel. Applications that do not contain this information are unlikely to be approved.

Please note that successful applicants need to comply with the LSE's Research Ethics Policy. Submitting a copy of the self-certification or ethical approval is required prior to the disbursement of any funds.

Please read Guidance on LSE research ethics, code of research conduct, and training.

The deadline for applications is 15th November 2021.

Please return completed application forms to: Irina Zaraisky, email:

Download the application form: