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Below you will find a list of selected publications by STICERD members in the academic year 2016-2017

Development publications

'Altruistic capital', Bandiera O. and Ashraf N., American Economic Review, 107 (5).

'Aspirations and the Political Economy of Inequality', Besley, T., (2015 Hicks Lecture), Oxford Economic Papers 69 (1), (2017).

'Blending Top-Down Federalism with Bottom-Up Engagement to Reduce Inequality in Ethiopia', Faguet, J.P., Khan, Q. and Ambel, A., World Development 96, (2017).

'Climate Change, Development, Poverty and Economics', Fankhauser, S. and Stern, N.H., The State of Economics, The State of the World, MIT Press, (2016).

'Comentario', Faguet, J.P., in Finot, I., Democratizar el Estado: Una propuesta de democratizacion para Bolivia, La Paz: Plural Editores, (2016).

'Corruption, Trade Costs and Gains from Tariff Liberalization: Evidence from Southern Africa', Sequeira, S., American Economic Review 106 (10), (2016).

'Credit Market Frictions and Political Failure', Aney, M., Ghatak, M. and Morelli, M., Journal of Monetary Economics 81, (2016).

'Crime and Punishment the British Way: Accountability Channels Following the MPs Expenses Scandal', Larcinese, V. and Sircar, I., European Journal of Political Economy 47, (2017).

'Delivering on Sustainable Infrastructure for Better Development and Better Climate', Bhattacharya, A., Meltzer, J., Oppenheim J., Qureshi, M.Z and Stern, N.H., Brookings-LSE-New Climate Economy 23 (2016).

'Descentralizacion y Democracia Popular: Gobernabilidad Desde Abajo en Bolivia', Faguet, J.P, La Paz: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, (2016).

'Labor Markets and Poverty in Village Economies' [with Appendix], Bandiera, O., Burgess, R., Das, N., Gulesci, S., Rasul, I. and Sulaiman, M., The Quarterly Journal of Economics 132 (2), (2017).

'Low Decision Space Means No Decentralization in Fiji', Faguet, J.P., Comment on 'Decentralisation of Health Services in Fiji: A Decision Space Analysis', Mohammed, J., North, N. and Ashton, T., International Journal of Health Policy and Management (IJHPM), (2016).

'Public-Private Partnership for the Provision of Public Goods: Theory and an Application to NGOs', Besley, T. and Ghatak, M., Research in Economics 71 (2), (2017).

'Resilient Leaders and Institutional Reform: Theory and Evidence', Besley, T., Persson, T. and Reynal-Querol, M., Economica 83, (2016).

'Rewarding Schooling Success and Perceived Returns to Education: Evidence from India', Sequeira, S., Spinnewijn, J. and Xu, G., Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 131(A), (2016).

'Size (of Government) does not matter', Besley, T. in Bruno Frey and David Iselin (eds), Economics Ideas You Should Forget, Springer, 2016.

'The Logic of Hereditary Rule', Besley, T. and Renyal-Querol, M., Journal of Economic Growth 22 (2), (2017).

'The Perverse Consequences of Policy Restrictions in the Presence of Asymmetric Information', Hortala-Vallve, R. and Larcinese, V., Journal of the European Political Science Association (Political Science Research and Methods) 5 (3), (2017).

Econometrics publications

'Adaptive Estimation in Multiple Time Series with Independent Component Errors', Robinson, P.M. and Taylor, L., Journal of Time Series Analysis (2016).

'Estimating conditional mean with heavy tails', Peng, L and Yao, Q., Statistics and Probability Letter 127, (2017).

'Estimation for dynamic and static panel probit models with large individual effects', Gao, W., Bergsma, W. and Yao, Q., Journal of Time Series and Applications 38, (2017).

'Extremum sieve estimation in k-out-of-n systems', Komarova, T., Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods 46 (10), (2017).

'High dimensional and banded vector autoregressions', Guo, S., Wang, Y. and Yao, Q., Biometrika 103, (2016).

'Inference on Trending Panel Data', Robinson, P.M. and Velasco, C., Journal of Econometrics (2017).

'Long-Range Dependence', Robinson, P.M., Wiley StatsRefStatistics Reference Online (2017).

'Pseudo Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Spatial Autoregressive Models with Increasing Dimension', Gupta A. and Robinson, P.M., Journal of Econometrics (2017).

'Testing for high-dimensional white noise using maximum cross correlations', Chang, J., Yao, Q. and Zhou, W., Biometrika 104, (2017).

Industry publications

'A Structural Model of the Retail Market for Illicit Drugs', Galenianos, M. and Gavazza A., American Economic Review 107 (3), (2017).

Japanese Studies publications

'Deficient in Commercial Morality? Japan in Global Debates on Business Ethics in the Late Nineteenth - Early Twentieth Century', Hunter, J., Palgrave Studies in Economic History, (2016).

'Japan at LSE', Hunter, J. and Nish, I. in H. Cortazzi & P. Kornicki (eds.), Japanese Studies in Britain: a Survey and History Folkestone, Kent: Renaissance Books/Japan Society, (2016).

'Obtaining Wealth Through Fair Means: Putting Shibusawa Eiichi's Views on Business Morality in Context', Hunter, J., in P. Fridenson & T. Kikkawa (eds.), Ethical Capitalism: Shibusawa Eiichi and Business Leadership in Global Perspective , University of Toronto Press, (2017).

Psychology and Economics publications

'Negotiating a Better Future: How Interpersonal Skills Facilitate Inter-Generational Investment', Ashraf, N., Bau, N., Low, C. and McGinn, K., Working paper, (2017).

'Water, Health and Wealth', Ashraf, N., Glaeser, E., Holland, A. and Millett, B., NBER Working Paper, (2017).

Public Economics publications

'Heterogeneity, Demand for Insurance and Adverse Selection', Spinnewijn, J., American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 9 (1),(2017).

Theory publications

'Collusion, Blackmail and Whistle-Blowing', Felli L. and Hortala-Vallve, R., Quarterly Journal of Political Science 11 (3), (2016).

'Condorcet Meets Ellsberg', Ellis, A., Theoretical Economics 11 (3), (2016).

'Correlation Misperception in Choice', Ellis, A. and Piccione, M., American Economic Review 107 (4), (2017).

'Does Competition Solve the Holdup Problem?', Felli, L. and Roberts, K., Economica 83, (2016).

'Ties That Bind: How Business Connections Affect Mutual Fund Activism', Cvijanovic, D., Dasgupta, A. and Zachariadis, K.E., Journal of Finance 71 (6), (2016).