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International Studies Paper
The British Commonwealth and its Contribution to the Occupation of Japan, 1945-8
W G Beasley, Sir Hugh Cortazzi, Bruce Kirkpatrick, T B Millar and edited by Ian Nish July 1991
Paper No' IS/1991/227:
Full Paper (pdf)

Tags: british commonwealth; occupation; japan; britain; australia.

Preface: The Suntory-Toyota International Centre held an all-day symposium on 'The British Commonwealth and its Contribution to the Occupation of Japan, 1945-8' on 5 July 1991. The three speakers covered the early years of the occupation, Professor Beasley dealing with the period from September 1945 to March 1946, Professor Millar from February 1946 to August 1947 and Sir Hugh Cortazzi from June 1946 to August 1947. Moreover, their experiences took them to different areas which were part of the British Commonwealth responsibility, Professor Bealey to Yokosuka and Tokyo, Professor Millar to Hiroshima prefecture and Tokyo and Sir Hugh Cortazzi to Yamaguchi and Tottori prefectures. Readers wishing to pursue this neglected area of research may care to consult the article by Walter Millar, 'Some British Reflections on the Occupation of Japan' in STICERD pamphlet IS/91/224, and the earlier pamphlet 'The British Commonwealth and the Occupation of Japan' (IS/83/78). Other aspects of the British Commonwealth contribution are discussed in Roger Buckley, Occupation Diplomacy: Britain, the US and Japan 1945-52 (Cambridge, 1982); Ann Trotter, New Zealand and Japan, 1945-52 (Athlone, 1990); and Ian Nish, 'The Occupation of Japan: Some personal recollections' in Gordon Daniels (ed.), Proceedings of the British Association of Japanese Studies, vol.4 (i), (Sheffield, 1979).