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SPCC Research Report
Falling Behind, Getting Ahead: The Changing Structure of Inequality in the UK, 2007-2013
John Hills, Jack Cunliffe, Polina Obolenskaya and Eleni Karagiannaki March 2015
Paper No' SPCCRR05:
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Tags: poverty; exclusion and equalities; equality; capabilities and human rights; social policy; socio-economic inequalities; earnings inequality; educational inequalities; wealth inequality; income; employment; men; women; disability; inequality; ethnicity; age; crisis; recession

This report looks in detail at inequality within the UK, 2007-2013, which groups have gained and lost - comparing men and women, and housing tenure, region, ethnicity, and disability as well as age group. Detailed examination of the qualifications, employment, pay, incomes and wealth of different groups since the economic crisis reveals an uneven legacy. Young people in their twenties have lost out most across a wide range of outcomes, despite gaining higher qualifications than previous generations