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Estate Regeneration and Social Value
Anne Power and Bert Provan
August 2019
Paper No' CASEreport 124:
Full Paper (pdf)

Tags: regeneration; housing; estate; social return; investment; community

Home Group is committed to assessing the social value to low income communities of regeneration and upgrading. This research was commissioned by Home Group and closely links to their recently developed “Customer Promise”. That approach is aimed at further empowering their customers who drive the process. The research was commissioned to explore how Home Group could apply the approach to their Regeneration programme.

The aims of this research are: to set out the different options for improving conditions on estates; to identify measures to assess the social value of estates in their current condition: to develop methods for assessing regeneration options; to work out a framework for assessing the condition of areas of social housing and the potential social impact of regeneration under differentscenarios; to contribute to staff training in using the framework for assessing conditions and providing evidence showing the social value of different options for renewal and upgrading.