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Economics of Industry Paper
Broad Cross-License Agreements and Persuasive Patent Litigation: Theory and Evidence from the Semiconductor Industry Alberto Galasso July 2007
Paper No' EI 45:
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JEL Classification: 031; 032; C78; L63

Tags: cross-license; patent litigation; bargaining; semiconductors.

Theoretical Economics Paper
Collective Bargaining under Complete Information Carlos Diaz-Moreno and Jose E. Galdon-Sanchez
July 2000
Paper No' TE/2000/401:
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Tags: delays; sequential bargaining; structural estimation

Theoretical Economics Paper
Costly Bargaining and Renegotiation Luca Anderlini and Leonardo Felli
October 1998
Paper No' TE/1998/361:
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Tags: optimal bargaining costs; inefficient bargaining outcomes; renegotiation; imperfect recall

This paper has been published as:
'Econometrica', 69(4) (March 2001), pp. 377-411