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Journal Article
IncomeRelated Gaps in Early Child Cognitive Development: Why Are They Larger in the US Compared to the UK, Australia and Canada? February 2019
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Tags: child development; school readiness; parental income; cross-national; social mobility

Does Money Affect Children's Outcomes? An update Kerris Cooper and Kitty Stewart
July 2017
Paper No' CASE/203:
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JEL Classification: D31; I31 I32 I38; H53

Tags: poverty; income; disadvantage; child development; children’s outcomes

Parental Investment in Childhood and Later Adult Well-Being: Can More Involved Parents Offset the Effects of Socioeconomic Disadvantage? This paper uses analysis from the longitudinal National Child Development Study to aim to investigate whether the social capital produced by greater parental involvement can counteract some of the harmful effects of less financial capital? Darcy Hango May 2005
Paper No' CASE 098:
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JEL Classification: I21;I32;J13;Z13

Tags: parental involvement; socioeconomic disadvantage; social capital; education; national child development study

Investing in Children: What do we know? What should we do? Sheldon Danziger and Jane Waldfogel
February 2000
Paper No' CASE 034:
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Tags: child development; childhood interventions; childcare; education