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Theoretical Economics Paper
Time Preferences and Bargaining Sebastian Schweighofer-Kodritsch
August 2015
Paper No' TE/2015/568:
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JEL Classification: C78;D03;D74

Tags: alternating offer; time preference; impatience; discounting; dynamic inconsistency; delay; optimal punishment; simple penal codes; non-stationary equilibrium

Econometrics Paper
Loch Linear Fitting under Near Epoch Dependence: Uniform Consistency with Convergence Rate Degui Li, Zudi Lu and Oliver Linton August 2010
Paper No' EM/2010/549:
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JEL Classification: C13, C14, C22

Tags: local linear fitting; near epoch dependence; convergence rates; uniform consistency.

Theoretical Economics Paper
Statute Law or Case Law? Luca Anderlini, Leonardo Felli and Alessandro Riboni
August 2008
Paper No' TE/2008/528:
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JEL Classification: C79; D74; D89; K40; L14

Tags: statute law; case law; flexibility; rigidity; time-inconsistency; precedents.

Econometrics Paper
Multiple Local Whittle Estimation in Stationary Systems Peter M Robinson
October 2007
Paper No' EM/2007/525:
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JEL Classification: C32

Tags: long memory; phase; cointegration; semiparametric estimation; consistency; asymptotic normality.

Theoretical Economics Paper
Efficiency and Equilibrium when Preferences are Time-Inconsistent Erzo G J Luttmer and Thomas Mariotti
January 2003
Paper No' TE/2003/446:
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Tags: dynamic inconsistency; competitive equilibrium; lotteries; generic inefficiency.