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Econometrics Paper
Adaptive Inference on Pure Spatial Models Jungyoon Lee and Peter M Robinson
January 2018
Paper No' EM 596:
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JEL Classification: C12; C13; C14; C21

Tags: efficient test; adaptive estimation; spatial models

Econometrics Paper
Robust estimation of moment condition models with weakly dependent data Kirill Evdokimov, Yuichi Kitamura and Taisuke Otsu
December 2014
Paper No' EM/2014/579:
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JEL Classification: C14

Tags: blocking; generalized empirical likelihood; hellinger distance; robustness; efficient estimation; mixing

Econometrics Paper
Nonparametric Estimation of a Polarization Measure Gordon Anderson, Oliver Linton and Yoon-Jae Whang
June 2009
Paper No' EM/2009/534:
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JEL Classification: C12; C13; C14

Tags: kernel estimation; inequality; overlap coefficient; poissonization

Economics of Industry Paper
DIFFERENTIAL MERGER EFFECTS: The Case of the Personal Computer Industry Christos Genakos
December 2004
Paper No' EI 39:
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JEL Classification: D12; G34; L41; L63

Tags: computer industry; discrete choice models; merger analysis; product differentiation; random coefficients.

Econometrics Paper
A Quantilogram Approach to Evaluating Directional Predictability Oliver Linton and Yoon-Jae Whang
November 2003
Paper No' EM/2003/463:
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Tags: correlogram; dependence; efficient markets; quantiles.

Theoretical Economics Paper
Costly Bargaining and Renegotiation Luca Anderlini and Leonardo Felli
October 1998
Paper No' TE/1998/361:
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Tags: optimal bargaining costs; inefficient bargaining outcomes; renegotiation; imperfect recall

This paper has been published as:
'Econometrica', 69(4) (March 2001), pp. 377-411
Econometrics Paper
Galton's Fallacy and Tests of the Convergence Hypothesis (Now published in Scandinavian Journal of Economics 95 (4), 1993, pp.427-443.) Danny Quah  1993
Paper No' EM/1993/265:
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Tags: convergence hypothesis; regressing average growth rates; galton's fallacy; coefficients of arbitrary signs; divergence of cross-country incomes.