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Decent incomes for all: Improving policies in Europe
January 2018
Paper No' :

Tags: poverty; inequality; social policy; fiscal policy; european union; europe 2020

Fiscal costs of climate mitigation programmes in the UK: A challenge for social policy? Sam Marden and Ian Gough
June 2011
Paper No' CASE/145:
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JEL Classification: Q58, I38, H53

Tags: carbon mitigation policy; social policy; fiscal competition

Development Discussion Paper
The Flypaper Effect Revisited Fernando Aragon
January 2009
Paper No' EOPP 004:
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JEL Classification: H71; H77

Tags: flypaper effect; intergovernmental transfers; public finance; fiscal decentralization

DARP Paper
Public Pension Reform, Demographics ,and Inequality Robert K von Weizsäcker
June 1995
Paper No' DARP 011:
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Tags: income distribution; population ageing; old-age insurance reform; fiscal-demographic policy conflicts; social policy design.