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Economics of Industry Paper
Government financing of R&D: A mechanism design approach Saul Lach, Zvika Neeman and Mark Schankerman
June 2020
Paper No' EI 55:
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JEL Classification: D61; D82; O32; O38

Tags: mechanism design; innovation; r&d; entrepreneurship; additionality; government finance; venture capital

Development Discussion Paper
Media, Demonstrations, and Public Good Delivery: Evidence from World Bank Projects during Natural Disasters Nicola Limodio August 2016
Paper No' EOPP 062:
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JEL Classification: H84; I38; L82; Q54

Tags: disaster aid; government policy; media; natural disasters

Labour's Record on the Under Fives: Policy, Spending and Outcomes 1997-2010 Kitty Stewart
October 2013
Paper No' CASE/176:
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JEL Classification: H51; H52; I24; I28; I38

Tags: early education; childcare; sure start; early childhood; labour government

Towards the ‘Big Society’: What role for neighbourhood working? Evidence from a comparative European study Catherine Durose, Jonathan France, Liz Richardson and Ruth Lupton October 2011
Paper No' CASE/154:
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JEL Classification: H70

Tags: big society; local government; neighbourhood; neighbourhood management; community

Development Discussion Paper
June 2011
Paper No' EOPP 027:
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Tags: decentralization; governance; local government; political competition; accountability; instability

DARP Paper
Redistributive Taxation, Public Expenditure and the Size of Government Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay and Joan Esteban
December 2009
Paper No' DARP 095:
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JEL Classification: H23, H50 O50

Tags: government policy; income taxation; public expenditure

Development Discussion Paper
The Flypaper Effect Revisited Fernando Aragon
January 2009
Paper No' EOPP 004:
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JEL Classification: H71; H77

Tags: flypaper effect; intergovernmental transfers; public finance; fiscal decentralization

Development Economics Paper
Decentralization's Effects on Educational Outcomes in Bolivia and Colombia Jean-Paul Faguet and Fabio Sanchez
March 2006
Paper No' DEDPS 47:
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Tags: decentralization; education; public investment; bolivia; colombia; local government

This paper has been published as:
World Development (Vol. 36, No. 7) July, 2008
Political Economy and Public Policy Paper
GOVERNANCE FROM BELOW A Theory of Local Government With Two Empirical Tests Jean-Paul Faguet
August 2005
Paper No' PEPP 12:
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JEL Classification: D71; H41; H42; H72; O18

Tags: local government; civil society; democratic theory; good governance; decentralization; q2 (q-square); bolivia

International Studies Paper
The Iwakura Mission in Britain, 1872 John Breen, Oliver Checkland, Andrew Cobbing and Akiko Ohta
March 1998
Paper No' IS/1998/349:
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Tags: iwakura misson; victorian london; kume kunitake; iwakura tomomi; ito hirobumi; education; industry; exports; religion; kairan jikki chronicle; meiji government; unequal treaties; embassy; 1872; britain; japan; america.

Theoretical Economics Paper
Analyzing the Case for Government Intervention in a Representative Democracy Timothy Besley and Stephen Coate
September 1997
Paper No' TE/1997/335:
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Tags: government intervention; public choice.