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Understanding the relationship between poverty, inequality and growth: a review of existing evidence Abigail McKnight
July 2019
Paper No' CASE/216:
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JEL Classification: I32; D31; O47

Tags: poverty; inequality; growth

Heat, Greed and Human Need
November 2017
Paper No' :

Tags: climate change; social policy; sustainable development; social justice; green growth; efficiency; production

DARP Paper
Growth and inequality: a demographic explanation Kazutoshi Miyazawa
December 2006
Paper No' DARP 087:
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JEL Classification: D31; J13; O41

Tags: inequality; growth; fertility; accidental bequest.

Development Economics Paper
Gender Discrimination and Growth: Theory and Evidence from India Berta Esteve-Volart
January 2004
Paper No' DEDPS 42:
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Tags: growth; gender discrimination; labor market; allocation of talent; india.

Development Economics Paper
The Role of Freedom, Growth and Religion in the Taste for Revolution Robert MacCulloch and Silvia Pezzini
September 2002
Paper No' DEDPS 36:
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Tags: conflict; freedom; development; growth; religion.

Economics of Industry Paper
The Variance of Firm Growth Rates: The 'Scaling' Puzzle John Sutton
September 2001
Paper No' EI 27:
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Tags: firm growth; power law; scaling relationships.

Economics of Industry Paper
Submarkets, Shakeouts and Industry Life-Cycle Jian Tong
November 2000
Paper No' EI 26:
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Tags: industry life-cycle; industrial growth; submarkets; shake-outs

Development Economics Paper
Financial Intermediation, Variability and the Development Process Luis Carranza and Jose E. Galdon-Sanchez
March 2000
Paper No' DEDPS 21:
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Tags: externalities; market imperfections; growth; multiple equilibria; sunspot equilibria

Development Economics Paper
Land Reform, Poverty Reduction and Growth: Evidence from India Timothy Besley and Robin Burgess
October 1998
Paper No' DEDPS 13:
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Tags: land reform; political economy; poverty; growth; india

Econometrics Paper
Beta Convergence C Michelacci and Paolo Zaffaroni
July 1997
Paper No' EM/1997/332:
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Tags: growth model; convergence; long memory; aggregation

Econometrics Paper
Convergence Empirics Across Economies with (Some)Capital Mobility (Now published in Journal of Economic Growth, vol.1, No.1 ( March 1996),pp.95-124.) Danny Quah  1994
Paper No' EM/1994/275:
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Tags: growth and fluctuations; cross-country distribution of income; convergence hypothesis; intra-distribution mobility; capital investment

Econometrics Paper
Galton's Fallacy and Tests of the Convergence Hypothesis (Now published in Scandinavian Journal of Economics 95 (4), 1993, pp.427-443.) Danny Quah  1993
Paper No' EM/1993/265:
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Tags: convergence hypothesis; regressing average growth rates; galton's fallacy; coefficients of arbitrary signs; divergence of cross-country incomes.

Public Economics Programme Discussion Paper
Trends in Individual Income Growth: Measurement Methods and British Evidence Stephen P Jenkins and Philippe Van Kerm

Paper No' PEP 08:
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JEL Classification: D31; D63; I32

Tags: individual income growth; pro-poor growth; progressive income growth; income mobility; mobility profile; british household panel survey