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Development Discussion Paper
Can Workfare Programs Moderate Violence? Evidence from India Thiemo Fetzer
June 2014
Paper No' EOPP 053:
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JEL Classification: D74; Q34; J65

Tags: social insurance; conflict; india; insurgency

Development Economics Paper
Just Rewards? Local Politics and Public Resource Allocation in South India Timothy Besley, Rohini Pande and Vijayendra Rao
October 2007
Paper No' DEDPS 49:
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JEL Classification: H76; H11; O12

Tags: decentralization; india; panchayat.

Political Economy and Public Policy Paper
Women in Politics. Evidence from the Indian states Irma Clots-Figueras
October 2005
Paper No' PEPP 14:
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JEL Classification: D70; H19; H41; H50;O10

Tags: gender; caste; panel data; policy; india.

Development Economics Paper
Gender Discrimination and Growth: Theory and Evidence from India Berta Esteve-Volart
January 2004
Paper No' DEDPS 42:
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Tags: growth; gender discrimination; labor market; allocation of talent; india.

International Studies Paper
William Adams and Early English Enterprise in Japan Anthony Farrington and Derek Massarella
July 2000
Paper No' IS/2000/394:
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Tags: williams adams; miura anjin; the english factory; hirado; japan; east india company.

Development Economics Paper
Fertility, Education and Development: Further Evidence from India Jean Drèze and Mamta Murthi
January 2000
Paper No' DEDPS 20:
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Tags: fertility; demographic transition; female literacy; india

Development Economics Paper
School Participation in Rural India. Jean Drèze and Geeta Gandhi Kingdon
August 1999
Paper No' DEDPS 18:
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Tags: education; india; child labour; school quality

Development Economics Paper
Land Reform, Poverty Reduction and Growth: Evidence from India Timothy Besley and Robin Burgess
October 1998
Paper No' DEDPS 13:
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Tags: land reform; political economy; poverty; growth; india

Development Economics Paper
Investigating Rationality in Wage-Setting Sonia R Bhalotra
February 1998
Paper No' DEDPS 10:
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Tags: efficiency wage; near-rationality; panel data; india.

Development Economics Paper
Credit in Rural India: A Case Study Jean Drèze, Peter Lanjouw and Naresh Sharma
September 1997
Paper No' DEDPS 06:
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Tags: india; palanpur; rural credit markets.