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Development Discussion Paper
Soldiers or Bureaucrats? Conflict and the Military’s Role in Policy-Making Gabriel Leon
July 2009
Paper No' EOPP 012:
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JEL Classification: O38; O17; H11; H56; D72

Tags: institutions; conflict; political economy; military; war; coups

Political Economy and Public Policy Paper
Cross-Country Determinants of Life Satisfaction: Exploring Different Determinants across Groups in Society Christian Bjørnskov, Axel Dreher and Justina A. V. Fischer September 2006
Paper No' PEPP 21:
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JEL Classification: I31; H10; H40

Tags: life satisfaction; happiness; institutions; extreme bounds analysis

Theoretical Economics Paper
Financial Institutions and The Wealth of Nations: Tales of Development Jian Tong and Chenggang Xu
March 2004
Paper No' TE/2004/469:
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Tags: development; transition; financial institutions; r&d.

Japanese Studies Programme Paper
Ideology and Economic Activity Michio Morishima
January 1986
Paper No' JS/1986/142:
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Tags: ideology; economic activity; social groups; religion; institutions; confucianism; marx; weber; historical process.

Public Economics Programme Discussion Paper
Social Identity and Redistributive Preferences: A Survey Joan Costa Font and Frank A Cowell

Paper No' PEP 15:
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JEL Classification: H1, I3.

Tags: social identity; preferences for redistribution; inequal- ity; diversity; redistributive institutions.