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Social Policies and Distributional Outcomes Research Paper
Physical safety and Security: Policies, spending and outcomes 2015-2020 Kerris Cooper and Nicola Lacey
August 2019
Paper No' SPDORP05:
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Tags: crime; police; violence; violence against women; prisons; austerity; ethnicity; stop and search; criminal justice system

Heat, Greed and Human Need
November 2017
Paper No' :

Tags: climate change; social policy; sustainable development; social justice; green growth; efficiency; production

Citizen's Income: Rights and Wrongs David Piachaud
November 2016
Paper No' CASE/200:
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JEL Classification: H53; H55; I30; I380

Tags: citizen’s income; basic income; conditionality; social justice

Housing for Victims of Miscarriages of Justice. Report for Commonweal Housing. Bert Provan
December 2015
Paper No' CASEreport 097:
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JEL Classification: I31; 139

Tags: commonweal; justice; housing; options

Public Economics Programme Discussion Paper
Optimal Control of Externalities in the Presence of Income Taxation Louis Kaplow
May 2010
Paper No' PEP 02:
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JEL Classification: D61, D62, D63, H21, H23, K32

Tags: allocative efficiency; externalities; equity; justice; inequality; labor supply

DARP Paper
Distributional Orderings: An Approach with Seven Flavours Wulf Gaertner, Frank A Cowell and Yoram Amiel
October 2007
Paper No' DARP 093:
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JEL Classification: C13; D63

Tags: social welfare; inequality; justice; risk; questionnaire experiments.