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Heat, Greed and Human Need
November 2017
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Tags: climate change; social policy; sustainable development; social justice; green growth; efficiency; production

Econometrics Paper
Identification and Nonparametric Estimation of a Transformed Additively Separable Model David Jacho-Chávez, Arthur Lewbel and Oliver Linton September 2006
Paper No' EM/2006/508:
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JEL Classification: C13; C14; C21; D24

Tags: partly separable models; nonparametric regression; dimension reduction; generalized homothetic function; production function.

DARP Paper
Hierarchic contracting Rafael Hortala-Vallve and Miguel Sanchez
September 2005
Paper No' DARP 073:
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JEL Classification: D80; J30; L22; M12

Tags: principal-multi-agent relationships; moral hazard; team production; decentralisation; hierarchies; contract design

Why Labour Hoarding may be Rational: A model of firm behaviour during transition Ceema Zahra Namazie
May 2003
Paper No' CASE 069:
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JEL Classification: D21;P23

Tags: transition; enterprise production; labour demand