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An Anatomy of Economic Inequality in the UK - Report of the National Equality Panel The report looks at the relationship between people’s economic outcomes and their characteristics and finds that inequalities in people's economic positions are also related to their characteristics such as gender, age, ethnicity, religion and education. John Hills
January 2010
Paper No' CASEreport 060:
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Tags: inequality; economic inequalities in the uk; educational outcomes; employment status; wages and earnings; individual income; incomes on a household basis; household wealth; distributions of economic outcomes; education; employment; wages and earnings; gender; age; ethnicity and religion; disability; sexual orientation; social class; housing tenure; nation and region; area deprivation;

Development Economics Paper
The Role of Freedom, Growth and Religion in the Taste for Revolution Robert MacCulloch and Silvia Pezzini
September 2002
Paper No' DEDPS 36:
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Tags: conflict; freedom; development; growth; religion.

Tasting Freedom: Happiness, religion and economic transition Orsolya Lelkes
August 2002
Paper No' CASE 059:
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Tags: happiness; economic transition; religion; entrepreneurs

This paper has been published as:
'Tasting Freedom: Happiness, religion and economic transition', Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 59: 173-194, 2006
Japanese Studies Programme Paper
Japan: State and People in the Twentieth Century - Papers presented at the STICERD 20th Anniversary Symposium in July 1998 Sheldon Garon, edited by Janet Hunter, Barbara Molony, Werner Pascha and Ben-Ami Shillony March 1999
Paper No' JS/1999/368:
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Tags: japan; religion; emperor; women; saving; federalism

International Studies Paper
The Iwakura Mission in Britain, 1872 John Breen, Oliver Checkland, Andrew Cobbing and Akiko Ohta
March 1998
Paper No' IS/1998/349:
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Tags: iwakura misson; victorian london; kume kunitake; iwakura tomomi; ito hirobumi; education; industry; exports; religion; kairan jikki chronicle; meiji government; unequal treaties; embassy; 1872; britain; japan; america.

Japanese Studies Programme Paper
Ideology and Economic Activity Michio Morishima
January 1986
Paper No' JS/1986/142:
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Tags: ideology; economic activity; social groups; religion; institutions; confucianism; marx; weber; historical process.