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Public Economics Programme Discussion Paper
Welfare and Inequality Comparisons for Uni- and Multi-dimensional Distributions of Ordinal Data Frank A Cowell, Martyna Kobus and Radoslaw Kurek January 2017
Paper No' PEP 31:
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JEL Classification: D30; D63; D81; I31

Tags: ordinal data; inequality and risk orderings; welfare orderings; association

Development Discussion Paper
Contract Structure, Risk Sharing and Investment Choice Greg Fischer
February 2011
Paper No' EOPP 023:
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JEL Classification: O12, D81, C91, C92, G21

Tags: investment choice; informal insurance; risk sharing; contract design; microfinance; experiment.

DARP Paper
Distributional Orderings: An Approach with Seven Flavours Wulf Gaertner, Frank A Cowell and Yoram Amiel
October 2007
Paper No' DARP 093:
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JEL Classification: C13; D63

Tags: social welfare; inequality; justice; risk; questionnaire experiments.

DARP Paper
Risk-Adjusted Poverty in Argentina: Measurement and Determinants Guillermo Cruces and Quentin Wodon
September 2003
Paper No' DARP 072:
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Tags: risk; poverty; argentina.

DARP Paper
Preference Reversals and the Analysis of Income Distributions Yoram Amiel, Frank A Cowell, Leima Davidovitz and Avraham Polovin March 2003
Paper No' DARP 066:
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Tags: preference reversals; social welfare; inequality; risk and experiments.

Development Economics Paper
Is a Friend in Need a Friend Indeed? Inclusion and Exclusion in Mutual Insurance Networks in Southern Ghana Markus Goldstein, Elisabeth Sadoulet and Alain de Janvry February 2002
Paper No' DEDPS 32:
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Tags: risk; social setworks; sutual insurance; intrahousehold allocation.

DARP Paper
Risk and Inequality Perceptions Yoram Amiel and Frank A Cowell
July 2001
Paper No' DARP 055:
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Tags: risk; inequality; income transformations.

Measuring Income Risk Simon Burgess, Karen Gardiner, Stephen P Jenkins and Carol Propper
June 2000
Paper No' CASE 040:
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Tags: income risk; demographics; panel data