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SPCC Working Paper
Understanding the improved performance of disadvantaged pupils in London Jo Blanden, Ellen Greaves, Paul Gregg, Lindsey Macmillan and Luke Sibieta September 2015
Paper No' SPCCWP21:
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JEL Classification: I24; I28; J24

Tags: education; inequality; london; schools

The Impact of School Context: What headteachers say Martin Thrupp and Ruth Lupton
December 2011
Paper No' CASE/158:
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JEL Classification: I24

Tags: schools; educational inequalities; deprivation; disadvantage; context

Political Economy and Public Policy Paper
The Entry of NGO Schools and Girls’ Educational Outcomes in Bangladesh Pataporn Sukontamarn
August 2005
Paper No' PEPP 10:
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JEL Classification: I21;O15

Tags: ngos; non-formal schools; girls’ education; bangladesh.

Ethnic Segretation in England's Schools Simon Burgess and Deborah Wilson
February 2004
Paper No' CASE 079:
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JEL Classification: J78; J15; J24

Tags: england; ethnic segregation; segregation indices; schools; minority group differences; spatial income clustering

Schools in Disadvantaged Areas: Recognising context and raising quality This paper looks at the quality problem, exploring the relationships between disadvantaged contexts, what schools do, and the quality of schooling that they provide. The findings suggest that disadvantaged contexts impact on the organisation and processes of schools and that these effects differ significantly from one area to another, in ways that are not reflected by the usual indicators of disadvantage. Ruth Lupton
January 2004
Paper No' CASE 076:
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JEL Classification: I28; R00

Tags: education; schools; poverty; area deprivation; neighbourhoods; quality; ofsted; educational attainment; context

Published as “Schools in Disadvantaged Areas: Low Attainment and a Contextualised Policy Response”, in H.Lauder, P.Brown, J.Dillabough and A.H. Halsey (eds.), Education, Globalization and Social Change, Oxford University Press, 2006