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Did the introduction of the benefit cap in Britain harm mental health? A natural experiment approach Aaron Reeves, Mark Fransham, Kitty Stewart and Ruth Patrick November 2020
Paper No' CASE/221:
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JEL Classification: I14

Tags: benefit cap; welfare reform; mental health

Journal Article
Universal simplicity? The alleged simplicity of Universal Credit from administrative and claimant perspectives Kate Summers and David Young February 2020
Paper No' :
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Tags: universal credit; qualitative methods; simplicity; welfare reform

The Impact of Policy Change on Job Retention and Advancement Richard Dickens and Abigail McKnight
October 2008
Paper No' CASE/134:
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JEL Classification: J68

Tags: labour market; welfare reform; job retention

Welfare Reform in the United States: Implications for British Social Policy (with commentaries by Kitty Stewart, David Piachaud and Howard Glennerster) The findings of a number of outcome studies assessing the impact and effectiveness of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) are reviewed and commentaries consider how far American experience should be a guide to welfare policy in Britain. James Midgley April 2008
Paper No' CASE/131:
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JEL Classification: I38

Tags: welfare reform; comparative public policy; united states; uk

Expenditure Patterns Post-Welfare Reform in the UK: Are low-income families starting to catch up? This paper finds post 1998 UK welfare reforms children in low-income families were catching up in terms of their familiesí spending in the overall areas of housing and utilities, food, clothing, leisure goods and services, and motoring and travel. The evidence also suggests reduced spending on alcohol and tobacco. Paul Gregg, Jane Waldfogel and Elizabeth Washbrook May 2005
Paper No' CASE 099:
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JEL Classification: I3; J18

Tags: child poverty; family expenditures; welfare reform; difference-in-difference

This paper has been published as:
Family Expenditures Post-Welfare Reform in the UK: Are Low-Income Families with Children Starting to Catch Up?, Labour Economics, 13(6): 721-746, 2006