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Occasional Papers

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22. Putting Economics to Work: Volume in honour of Michio Morishima edited by Tony Atkinson, Howard Glennerster and Nicholas Stern
The papers contained in this volume were presented to Michio Morishima, Emeritus Professor of Economics and Founder Chairman of STICERD, in July 1999 at a gathering of colleagues to celebrate his 75th birthday, and as a tribute to his great contribution to economics and to the work of STICERD. (2000), 282 pp. ISBN 0 7530 1399 1. | View contents

21. The Changing Distribution of the Social Wage by Tom Sefton
This study examines who benefits most from welfare services in kind, how the distribution has changed since 1979, and whether this has affected trends in income inequality.(1997), 169 pp., ISBN 0 7530 0106 3. (out of print)

20. The Price of Food: Missing Out on Mass Consumption by David Piachaud and Josephine Webb
This study examines how far the shopping revolution allows all consumers to achieve an accessible supply of food that is reasonably priced and of good quality.(1996), 95 pp, ISBN 0 7530 0901 3. (out of print)

19. Ageing and Social Policy: Global Comparisons edited by Peter Lloyd-Sherlock and Paul Johnson
This book is largely based on papers presented at a one-day workshop "Ageing and social policy: global comparisons", held at STICERD,LSE, in January 1995. (1996), 122 pp., ISBN 0 7530 0672 3. (out of print)

18. Dismantlers - The London Residuary Body by Michael Hebbert and Ann Dickens Edge
The life-story of the London Residuary Body, and the process of its dismantling. (1994), 207 pp., ISBN 0 85328 183 1. (out of print)

17. Microsimulation Models for Public Policy Analysis: New Frontiers edited by Ruth Hancock and Holly Sutherland
A collection of papers from a STICERD conference on microsimulation models, focussing on the development of dynamic models and on statistical issues which arise in the construction of models based on micro-data. (1992) 200 pp., ISBN 0 85328 1459. (out of print)

16. Child Tax Allowances? A comparison of child benefit, child tax reliefs, and basic incomes as instruments of family policy by Hermione Parker and Holly Sutherland
This study examines the implications of alternative approaches to child support in terms of: simplicity, income distribution, work incentive and family life. (1991), 145 pp., ISBN 0 85328 124 6. (out of print)

15. Social Welfare and the Market edited by Frances Millard
The papers given at the second British-Polish Conference on Social Welfare held at LSE in October 1988, the theme of which was marketisation and privatisation. (1989), 337 pp., ISBN 0 85328 115 7. (out of print)

14. Punishment, Custody and the Community: Reflections and Comments on the Green Paper edited by Huw Rees and Eryl Hall Williams
These papers are the product of the Second International Criminal Justice Seminar held at LSE in April 1989. (1989), 161 pp., ISBN 0 85328 113 0. (out of print)

13. Privatisation and the Nationalised Industries edited by Saul Estrin and Christine Whitehead
The papers given at a Conference in December 1987, an edited version of the discussion, and an updating of the position of the electricity industry. (1988), 87 pp., ISBN 0 85328 107 6. (out of print)

12. Social Welfare in Britain and Poland edited by Julian Le Grand and Wlodzimierz Okrasa
The papers given at the first British-Polish Conference held in Warsaw in July 1987 on Social Welfare in Britain and Poland. (1988), 266 pp., ISBN 0 85328 106 8. (out of print)

11. How Tokyo Grows: Land Development and Planning on the Metropolitan Fringe by Michael Hebbert and Norihiro Nakai.
An analysis of the mechanisms of urban land development in Japan and a review of current policy measures. (1988), 138 pp., ISBN 0 85328 105 X. (out of print)

10. Tax-Benefit Models edited by A. B. Atkinson and H. Sutherland
This is a collection of papers describing the research underlying the construction of tax-benefit models, with illustrations of their use. (1986), 395 pp., ISBN 0 85328 103 3. (out of print)

 9. Paying for Pensions: The French Experience by Tony Lynes
This study traces the history of developments in France's pension provision, culminating in the Government's decision to reduce the pension age from 65 to 60 in 1983. (1985), 164 pp., ISBN 0 85328 097 5. (out of print)

 8. The Evolution of Central Banks by C.A.E. Goodhart
(1985), [ISBN 0 85328 096 7] (out of print) (Now available from MIT Press, Oxford)

 7. The Economics of Soviet Arms by Peter Wiles and Moshe Efrat
Part I is concernd with military expenditures in domestic rubles; Part II is about the economics of the Soviet arms trade with the Third World. (1985), 172 pp., ISBN 0 85328 093 2. (out of print)

 6. Unemployment Benefits and Unemployment Duration by A. B. Atkinson and J. Micklewright
Drawing on a sample of unemployed men in the UK in the 1970s, this study challenges the popular perception that the benefit system provides generous insurance and other support. (1985), 282 pp., ISBN 0 85328 098 3. (out of print)

 5. Regionalisation in France, Italy and Spain edited by M. Hebbert and H. Machin
Papers arising from a seminar held in June 1983 on nation-region conflicts in economic policy-making. (1984), 127pp., ISBN 0 85328 092 4. (out of print)

 4. Homeless in London, 1971-81 by Helen Austerberry, Kerry Schott and Sophie Watson
An analysis of the impact of the severe housing crisis in London
arising from the cutback in housing expenditure - on the different types of households most affected by it. (1984), 193 pp., ISBN 0 85328 089 4. (out of print)

 3. Confucianism and Taoism by Max Weber, abridged by M. Morishima
A new translation by M. Alter and J. Hunter of Weber's treatise on Chinese religion. (1984), 82 pp., ISBN 0 85328 088 6. (out of print)

 2. Panel Data on Incomes edited by A.B. Atkinson and F. A. Cowell
A selection of papers presented at a Conference held in June 1982 on the Analysis of Panel Data on Incomes. (1983), 287 pp., ISBN 0 85238 085 1. (out of print)

 1. The Economics of the Professions by Patrick Foley, Avner Shaked and John Sutton
A guide to the literature with over 100 items, with introductory essays and full cross references. (1982),107 pp., ISBN 0 85328 078 9. (out of print)