Doing good: Individual and Organisational Motivations for Public Benefit

Doing good: Individual and Organisational Motivations for Public Benefit
Beveridge 2.0 and Marshall Institute Symposium

Wednesday 14 October 2020
Time: 10.30–4.30pm
Venue: Online
Speakers: Various

The symposium will focus on individual motivations and organisational incentive structures that create positive social and environmental impacts, or, more generally, that contribute to public benefit. In relation to individuals, the symposium asks questions in relation to the fundamental drivers of altruistic behaviour, their relationship to normative principles such as reciprocity and mutualism as well as practical questions regarding the policies, structures and processes that can lead people to do good, and do so more effectively. At the organisational level, the symposium explores how societies rely on different private, public and third sector actors in order to promote public benefit. This includes considering the role of ‘hybrid’ organisations, such as enterprises with multiple aims that operate in the market while pursuing a social or environmental mission. Both at the individual and organisational level the symposium explores whether and how a self-interested incentives structure can sit alongside altruistic motivations, and whether this will lead one to crowd out the other.


Dr John Collins and Dr Sandro Calvani

Journal of Illicit Economies and Development (JIED), LSE Press and Mae Fah Luang Foundation respectively

From Illicit to Value Added: The Lessons of Community and Institutional Change in Northern Thailand's Opium Growing Regions

Professor Anne Power and Ms Ellie Benton

LSE Housing and Communities

Mutual aid and community self-help: The sharing instinct in action in 2020

Dr Adam Oliver

Department of Social Policy, LSE

The Confusing Goal of Utility Maximisation

Professor Nava Ashraf

Department of Economics, LSE

Altruistic Capital at Work

Professor Sir Julian Le Grand and Dr Jonathan Roberts

Marshall Institute, LSE

Hands, Hearts and Hybrids: Motivation and the Performance of Economic Systems

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