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Staff Biography

[Photo: Howard Glennerster] Professor Howard GLENNERSTER
Emeritus Professor of Social Policy and CASE Associate


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Research Interests:
  • The economics and finance of health education and long term care and other aspects of social welfare
  • The allocation of resources between areas
  • The history of social policy
  • The comparative study of social policy especially in respect to the United States
Selected Publications:
  • Understanding the Cost of Welfare (Third edition),Bristol: Policy Press (2017)

  • The Coalition and Society (III): Health and long-term care, The Coalition Effect (eds) A Seldon and M Finn, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015

  • Wealth in the UK: Distribution, accumulation and policy,J Hills et al, Oxford: Oxford University Press, paper edition 2015 (Chapters 7-9 on 'Wealth and Policy' with J Hills)

  • Why was a wealth tax for the UK abandoned? Lessons for the policy process and tackling wealth inequality, Journal of Social Policy, 41:2, April 2012

  • British Social Policy 1945 to the Present. 3rd edition, Oxford, Blackwell Publishers, 2007.

  • 'A capital start but how far do we go?' (with A McKnight) in W Paxton and S White (eds), The Citizen's Stake: Exploring the future of universal asset policies. Policy Press, 2006.

  • One hundred years of poverty and policy PDF with J Hills, D Piachaud and J Webb. Joseph Rowntree Foundation, York, 2004.

  • 'US Poverty Studies and Poverty Measurement: The past twenty-five years' PDF Social Service Review Fall 2001 (75th Anniversary Issue) University of Chicago Press

  • Paying for Health, Education and Housing: How does the centre pull the purse strings? with J Hills and T Travers. Oxford University Press, 2000.

  • The State of Welfare: The economics of social spending (co-editor), Oxford University Press, 1998.

  • Implementing GP Fundholding: Wild card or winning hand? Open University Press, Buckingham, 1994.

STICERD/CASE Publications:
  • The post war welfare state: stages and disputes
    Howard Glennerster, August 2020
    Paper No' SPDORN03: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)

  • Richard Titmuss: Forty years on
    Howard Glennerster, February 2014
    Paper No' CASE/180: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)

  • Wealth distribution, accumulation and policy
    Francesca Bastagli, Frank A Cowell, Howard Glennerster, John Hills, Eleni Karagiannaki, Abigail McKnight, May 2013
    Paper No' CASEbrief 33: Full paper (pdf)

  • A Wealth Tax Abandoned: The role of the UK Treasury 1974-6
    Howard Glennerster, June 2011
    Paper No' CASE/147: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)

  • Reducing the Risks to Health: The role of social protection Report of the Social Protection Task Group for the Strategic Review of Health Inequalities in England Post 2010
    Howard Glennerster, June 2009
    Paper No' CASE/139: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)
    Paper copy now out of print.

  • Tibor Barna: The redistributive impact of taxes and social policies in the UK: 1937-2005
    Howard Glennerster, December 2006
    Paper No' CASE/115: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)

  • United Kingdom Education 1997-2001
    Howard Glennerster, November 2001
    Paper No' CASE 050: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)

  • US Poverty Studies and Poverty Measurement: The past 25 years
    Howard Glennerster, October 2000
    Paper No' CASE 042: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)

  • The Elderley: A Burden on the Economy?
    Howard Glennerster, June 1999
    Paper No' CEPCP071:

  • Poverty, Social Exclusion and Neighbourhood: Studying the area bases of social exclusion
    Howard Glennerster, Ruth Lupton, Philip Noden, Anne Power, March 1999
    Paper No' CASE 022: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)

  • Caring for the Very Old: Public and Private Solutions
    Howard Glennerster, October 1996
    Paper No' WSP 126:

  • Alternatives to Fundholding. Now published in International Journal of Health Services, 28(1),(1988),pp.47-66
    Virginia Bovell, Anna Cohen, Howard Glennerster, July 1996
    Paper No' WSP 123:

  • Investing in Skill: Expected Returns to Vocational Studies (Revised version published in Education Economics, vol.3, 1995)
    Robert J Bennett, Howard Glennerster, Douglas Nevison, January 1995
    Paper No' WSP 083:

  • Squaring the Circle: The Inconsistencies and Constraints of Beveridge's Plan. (Revised version published in Beveridge and Social Secutiry: An international retrospective, J Hills, J Ditch and H Glennerster (eds.) , 1994. Clarendon Press).
    Martin Evans, Howard Glennerster, January 1994
    Paper No' WSP 086:

  • The English and Swedish Health Care ReformsManos Matsaganis (International Journal of Health Services, 24(2), 1994)
    Howard Glennerster, January 1994
    Paper No' WSP 079:

  • Paying for Welfare: Issues for the Nineties (Ch.1 in The Costs of Welfare, R Page and N Deakin (eds) 1993, Avebury)
    Howard Glennerster, January 1993
    Paper No' WSP 082:

  • Investing in Skill: To stay on or not to stay on? (Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 8(2), 1992)
    Robert J Bennett, Howard Glennerster, Douglas Nevison,  1992
    Paper No' WSP 074:

  • Reform and the National Health Service (publd.:'Improving the National Health Service', in Resourcing the National Health ServiceEvidence to the Social Services Committee, House of Commons, Session 1987-88, HMSO, HC264-IV)
    Nicholas Barr, Howard Glennerster, Julian Le Grand,  1988
    Paper No' WSP 032:
    Paper copy now out of print.

  • Investigating Welfare: Final Report of the ESRC Welfare Research Programme
    Howard Glennerster, John Hills, Julian Le Grand,
    Paper No' WSP 092:

  • How Much Do We Care? A Comment on the Government's Community Care Proposals (Social Policy and Administration, 24:2, 93-103, Aug 1990)
    Maria Evandrou, Jane Falkingham, Howard Glennerster,
    Paper No' WSP 046:
    Paper copy now out of print.

  • Research Directions on the Future of the Welfare State: a View from Social Administration
    Howard Glennerster,
    Paper No' WSP 004:
    Paper copy now out of print.

  • The Development of Quasi-markets in Welfare Provision. Now published in International Journal of Health Services 25 (2), 1995
    Howard Glennerster, Julian Le Grand,
    Paper No' WSP 102:

  • Working for Patients? The Right Approach? (Social Policy and Administration, 23:2, Aug 1989)
    Nicholas Barr, Howard Glennerster, Julian Le Grand,
    Paper No' WSP 040:

  • A New Era for Social Policy: A New Enlightenment or a New Leviathan? (Journal of Social Policy, 20:3, 389-414, July 1991)
    Howard Glennerster, Anne Power, Tony Travers,
    Paper No' WSP 039:

Honours and Titles:
  • Fellow of the British Academy
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts
  • Academician Social Sciences section of the Learned Societies