Social protection in a changing world

LSE-IMF Joint Workshop
Social Protection in a Changing World
Friday 2 November 2018

Driven by such factors as rising inequality, perceived unfairness surrounding the gains from globalization and technological change, and anxiety about the future of work, trust in institutions is waning and social discontent is rising. Adding in factors such as population aging and climate change, the present moment surely calls for a re-assessment of existing approaches to social protection to better align policies and instruments with these 21st Century challenges.

As part of its strategic focus, the LSE is putting a high priority on research related to the contours of new welfare provision. At the same time, the IMF is re-assessing the nature and extent of its engagement on social spending policies. In Spring 2019, the IMF will present a paper setting out a new strategic framework for engaging on these issues with its member countries to its Executive Board. This is being guided by a growing awareness that social spending is important for inclusive and sustainable economic growth and financial stability, the key focus of the IMF.

Reflecting this convergence of interests, LSE and IMF jointly sponsored a workshop on 'Social Protection in a Changing World'. The workshop convened leading academics working in the field together with representatives from the IMF and the World Bank. The agenda for the day included discussions on emerging challenges, the role and design of social assistance and social insurance, the balance between universalism and targeting, and financing social protection.

You can view the agenda here.