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Thomas Stephens

Thomas Stephens

CASE PhD student


Thomas is an ESRC-funded PhD student in the Department of Social Policy at the LSE, affiliated to CASE. His key research focus is how we can devise metrics to measure, analyse and understand labour market disadvantage in a way which is of relevance to social policy research, so we can gain a greater understanding of the way the labour market has impacted on people, and its contribution to inequality and social exclusion. His PhD looks to apply the capability approach to the way we understand labour market advantage and disadvantage. Using quantitative analysis of time series and longitudinal data, and with a particular focus on the UK, his thesis seeks to devise a range of metrics to better-understand this issue and critique existing approaches to measuring labour market disadvantage.

Thomas Stephens's current research interests are:

  • Critiques of conventional labour market statistics, including hidden unemployment
  • The role of jobs quality in labour market disadvantage
  • The contribution of the labour market to changes in inequality, social exclusion and social mobility
  • The interface between the welfare state and labour market disadvantage
  • Gender differences in the experience of labour market disadvantage
  • Analysis of policy measures to address labour market disadvantage

Thomas's latest projects include:

  • The application of the Capability Approach to the way we measure and understand labour market disadvantage
  • Analysing the relationship between the welfare state and labour market disadvantage
  • Labour market inequality, and the different contribution which different measures of labour market disadvantage make to this