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Social Policy in a Cold Climate

Spatial variations and the position of London

Alex Fenton, Amanda Fitzgerald, Ruth Lupton, Rebecca Tunstall and Polly Vizard

This theme links to and build on all the others. Its core questions are:

  • Overall, what changes are occurring in the spatial patterning and concentration of economic and social outcomes? Are gaps between areas getting wider or narrower and which kinds of neighbourhoods are declining or improving?
  • To what extent are policies formulated to create or allow spatial variations in outcomes, and how is this changing under the localism agenda?
  • To what extent are policies specifically designed to enable greater local variation having that effect, and with what distributional impact?

Papers linked to this theme include:

An analysis of Labour's record on neighbourhood renewal

An analysis of the Coalition's record on neighbourhood renewal

A paper on measuring poverty at the small area level

Several other methodological papers.

As well as looking at spatial variations overall within the UK, we are also looking in particular at the position of London and at within-London variations. To find out more about this, click here.

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