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Employment trajectories for mothers in low-skilled work

Funded by: The Nuffield Foundation

Contact: Francesca Bastagli and Kitty Stewart

This project will examine employment trajectories for low-skilled mothers returning to the labour market, aiming to assess the impact of an early return to work on later employment outcomes. Current government policy encourages mothers to return to paid work while their children are very young: it is believed that even low-paid jobs allow women to develop skills and experience which will widen their opportunities and lead them to better jobs in the future. The study will use three different datasets to examine whether this belief is well-founded. It will track mothers’ employment pathways after they return to work, and compare outcomes (hourly pay, occupation and skill level) for mothers of older children dependent on how early they returned. It will also ask whether some types of low-skilled job are associated with better pathways than others, and whether training first leads to more successful outcomes.

Associated CASEpapers: CASEpaper 122