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The CASE neighbourhood study

Led by: Prof. Anne Power.

Research Team: Helen Bowman, Rosey Davidson, Bani Makkar, Katharine Mumford, Helen Willmot

The Neighbourhood Study is a continuous study of 200 families living in four neighbourhoods within the 12 low income areas we are studying more generally (two in East London and, thanks to co-funding from the Nuffield Foundation, one in Sheffield and one in Leeds). The study started in 1999, and we are following the families for five years. The emphasis is on the families' experience of area change over time and comparative analysis of the different areas.

We aim to build on the interviews we have conducted so far to further examine the dimensions of exclusion and inclusion, to explore the impact of area initiatives (e.g. Sure Start and New Deal for Communities), look in more detail at education and health, race relations, social networks and social capital, the role of community and community involvement, crime, drugs, disorder, and coping strategies, income, work and benefits. We shall also be exploring what factors push and pull families moving in to the neighbourhoods, remaining there, and moving out.

This study is producing a unique longitudinal study of families living in low income neighbourhoods.

Associated CASEpapers: CASEreport 9, CASEreport 18