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Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion (CASE)

City Reformers Group: March 2011

Transforming cities across Europe

This LSE/CASE City Reformers Group took place over Monday 21st - Tuesday 22nd March 2011

The agenda is available in PDF format, with links to some of the presentations. Alternatively you can download or view the presentations from the list below.

Session 1: How are weak market cities responding to the economic crisis?

  • Chair - Howard Davies
    Slides in PDF Format pdf

  • US cities - shifting to a different kind of economy? - Bruce Katz, Brookings Institution
    Slides in PDF Format pdf

  • Response: How Bilbao and the Basque Country are affected by Spain's financial crisis - Juan Alayo, Bilbao Ría 2000.
    Slides in PDF Format pdf

  • Response: Progress and problems: Belfast's unique legacy and public underpinning - John McGrillen, Belfast City Council
    Slides in PDF Format pdf

Session 2: Cities are carving out a new kind of future - how are they performing?

  • Measuring progress and problems across the globe - Alan Berube, Brookings Institution
    Slides in PDF Format pdf

  • Progress and problems - Germany's special challenges and opportunities - Oliver Weigel, German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs
    Slides in PDF Format pdf

  • Response: Learning from the UK League Table of Performance - Alexandra Jones, Centre for Cities, UK

  • Progress and problems across the EU - Christian Svanfeldt, European Commission

Session 3: New thinking for old cities

  • How ex-industrial cities can help the energy saving revolution - Tobias Timm, Proklima, Hanover
    Slides in PDF Format pdf

  • Response: How green investment can generate economic returns in cities - Dimitri Zenghelis, Cisco Climate Change Practice / LSE

  • Why Lille has made sustainable development a clarion call - Mathieu Goetzke, Mairie de Lille
    Slides in PDF Format pdf

  • Response: New approaches to public action and social innovation - experiences from Northern Italy - Massimo Bricocoli, Politecnico di Milano

Session 4: Break out sessions

Breakout group 1: Social programmes and social enterprise

(Facilitator: Barbary Cook, Scribe: Laura Lane)
  • Laura Moynahan, Sheffield

  • Rose Secq, Lille

  • Bert Provan, Communities and Local Government, UK
    Slides in PDF Format pdf

Breakout group 2: Jobs, skills and enterprise

(Facilitator: Tony Travers, Scribe: Nicola Serle)

Breakout group 3: Urban renewal and retrofit under severe financial constraints

(Facilitator: Andrea Colantonio, Scribe: Isabella Kohlhaas-Weber)

Breakout group 4: Public finance and debt - cities

(Facilitator: Jörg Plöger, Scribe: Celine Kuklowsky)

Session 5: Panel Discussion - How resilient are cities? How can cities survive the huge pressures and competition they now face?

Rising to the challenge

Chair: Ricky Burdett, LSE Cities
  • New social challenges
    Barbary Cook, Belfast
    Thomas Kristen, Bremen

  • Can cities cut CO2 by 30 per cent by 2020? How?
    Michael O'Doherty, Manchester City Council
    Philipp Rode, LSE Cities
    Slides in PDF Format pdf

The economy of cities

Chair: Bruce Katz, Brookings Institution