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Work, family histories and older women's incomes

Funded by: The Nuffield Foundation

Contact: Maria Evandrou

The central purpose of this research is to investigate the impact of events earlier in the lifecourse (such as non-employment or childbearing) on women’s incomes in later life in three countries: Britain, Germany and the US.
A. Mapping the distribution of incomes among the older population in Britain, Germany and the US;
B. Analysing the pattern of earlier lifetime events among the current population of older women in the three countries;
C. Investigating links between the lifecourse, the welfare state and incomes in later life.
This study uses data from several large scale longitudinal surveys to investigate the relationship between the work and family histories of older women and their personal incomes. By comparing three countries with very different welfare regimes, we seek to gain a better understanding of the interaction between the life course, pension system and women’s incomes in later life.  This project is being conducted jointly with Maria Evandrou and Jane Falkingham at Southampton University.

Associated CASEpapers: CASEpaper 135, CASEpaper 137, CASEpaper 138