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Stay up to date with our RSS feeds

RSS feeds are an easy way to keep up with news from CASE or with the centre's research papers, or with CASE events.

You can use these feeds in several ways. Some web browsers, mobile phones, and email programmes will allow you to monitor the feeds, providing a simple way of keeping up with our latest developments. We have instructions on how you can view feeds and see updated content on Outlook 2010.

There are also specialised web services and software applications which let you monitor our feeds alongside feeds from other websites. Examples are Google reader (a web service) and FeedDemon (a piece of software).

But you can also use these feeds to power widgets on a variety of other sites. For example, you could add a feed of current CEP Labour Market Workshop events to your Google or Yahoo homepage.

How to find the feeds

Pages on our news, publications and events sections will have a link to the relevant RSS feed at the top of the page next to an orange icon, like this:


When you get to the page you are interested in, look for the webfeed icon at top right. This links to the related feed.

How to locate the feeds by url

Here's a complete list of feeds that are presently available through the CASE website:


CASE Social Exclusion Seminars

CASE Welfare Policy and Analysis Seminars


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