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News Posted: 05 September 2018      [Back to the Top]

Tackling Extreme Poverty
New research work reveals ways to break the poverty trap

The World Bank published a blog on the work lead by STICERD director Professor Oriana Bandiera in collaboration with the IGC, UCL and BRAC, on the subject of reducing extreme poverty

Markus Goldstein, who is lead economist in the Office of Chief Economist in the Africa Region at the World Bank,  highlights the most important contributions that the recently revised paper "Labor Markets and Poverty in Village Economies" makes to the question of lifting the ultra poor.

The research, which looks at BRAC's Targeting the Ultra-Poor program implemented in Bangladesh, shows that: (i) the poor are able to take on the work activities of the non-poor but face barriers to doing so, and, (ii) one-off interventions that remove these barriers lead to sustainable poverty reduction.

In his blog, Goldsteing concludes that Professor Bandiera and her colleagues "indicate a sustainable (and cost effective – see the paper for the numbers) way to break poverty traps and map a clear and sustainable trajectory out of poverty". 

News Posted: 07 April 2016      [Back to the Top]

Special event
2016 Development Debate: Can Africa Industrialise?

The Department of International Development at the LSE will be hosting the 2016 Development Debate on the topic Can Africa Industrialise?, featuring micro-economist Professor John Sutton and political economist Professor Robert Wade.

The event, which is organised by the Development Management Programme, will take place on Monday 7th March at 6pm at the LSE (Clement House, room 5.02).

John Sutton is the Sir John Hicks Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics, and Director of STICERD’s Economics of Industry programme.

Robert Wade is Professor of Political Economy and Development at the LSE. 

Prof. Sutton's Enterprise Map Project aims at providing a detailed profile of industries and of leading industrial companies in each of several countries in sub-Saharan Africa. The first four volumes on Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania and Zambia are now available here:


News Posted: 07 March 2016      [Back to the Top]

PhD affiliate Florian Blum awarded funding by MIT

Florian Blum, PhD student at the Department of Economics and STICERD, was awarded funding from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to investigate the effect of central price-cap regulation on the quantity and price of service provision within the public services.

The project will also estimate the optimal price-cap that maximises consumer welfare.

News Posted: 04 March 2016      [Back to the Top]