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Sustainable Human Capital Development

This research programme focuses international approaches for Education, Skilling and Entrepreneurship. In particular, analyses examines skilling for inclusive human capital development. We systematically investigate skill development programmes in the private, public and NGO sectors in the context of supply and demand for skills. The project examines macro-level cross country analysis, as well as studies on micro-level and localised interventions. The study seeks to identify the link between up-skilling, upward economic mobility and equitable economic development.

These include large-scale public sector programmes and policies; private sector ventures for skill upgrade and vocational education including through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); as well as third sector programmes for development and inclusion across social and economic strata of the population.

Through evidence based research the project aims to generate ideas for a dynamic framework and recommend policies for sustainable and inclusive human capital development. The plan is to create a 360-degree topology of the skills-development framework in emerging economies such as India, as well as to enhance inclusive development in developed economies.

This programme is led by Ruth Kattumuri. Shantanu Singh is involved.