The Multidimensional Inequality Framework

The quality of people’s lives is determined across many dimensions and in each of these dimensions we observe inequalities. The Multidimensional Inequality Framework (MIF) provides a systematic approach to conceptualising and measuring these inequalities. It is theoretically grounded in Amartya Sen’s capability approach, which directs us to consider what aspects of life are essential to ensuring that people are capable of living a life they have reason to value and would choose for themselves.

This innovative Framework has been specifically designed so that it can be adapted to measure multidimensional inequality around the world. Whether you are a policy maker, work for an NGO, or are an academic or researcher, all of the tools and resources necessary to do this can be found on these pages.

  Using the Framework

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Before you get started there are a number of things you can do to help make the task easier and to ensure that you achieve the results you are aiming for.
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Learn about the theoretical foundation to the MIF, find a brief introduction to the structure and advice on how to adapt the MIF to suit your context and meet your needs.
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Find out about inequality measures included in the MIF, advice on good data sources, how to gather data and what to do about data gaps.

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The Multidimensional Inequality Framework (MIF) provides a systematic approach to measuring and analysing inequalities across seven key aspects of life which overall determine the capability for people to enjoy a good quality of life. People’s health, personal safety, legal security, education, financial security, ability to participate in decision-making and enjoy a family life are some of the important dimensions that allow them to flourish.

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Explore the main drivers of inequality within the MIF domains, use the guiding questions to help your analysis of drivers.
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For each of the main driver categories within the MIF domains, we provide a select number of candidate policies for you to consider.
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Information and resources designed to help you build on your analysis of multidimensional inequality to take action against inequality.

  MIF News and Blog

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  The Domains

illustration for Domain 1: Life and health
Life and health
Inequality in the capability to be alive and to live a healthy life
illustration for Domain 2: Physical and legal security
Physical and legal security
Inequality in the capability to live in physical safety and legal security
illustration for Domain 3: Education and learning
Education and learning
Inequality in the capability to be knowledgeable, to understand and reason, and to have the skills to participate in society
illustration for Domain 4: Financial security and dignified work
Financial security and diginified work
Inequality in the capability to achieve financial independence and security, enjoy dignified and fair work, and recognition of unpaid work and care

illustration for Domain 5: Comfortable, independent and secure living conditions
Comfortable, independent and secure living conditions
Inequality in the capability to enjoy comfortable, independent and secure living conditions
illustration for Domain 6: Participation, influence and voice
Participation, influence and voice
Inequality in the capability to participate in decision-making, have a voice and influence
illustration for Domain 7: Individual, family and social life
Individual, family and social life
Inequality in the capability to enjoy individual, family and social life, to express yourself and to have self-respect
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