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LSE Housing and Communities

Obstacles and Opportunities - Presentations

Session 1: A Challenging Climate - growing up in poor areas on low incomes

  • Loss of targeted neighbourhoods programmes
  • Families under many pressures in poor neighbourhoods
  • Public spending cuts, loss of youth and children provision and jobs
  • Very high unemployment among school leavers and NEETS

Session 2: Playing 2 Learn - families need to let off steam

  • Why children's play opportunities are shrinking
  • Why being outdoors matters to children
  • What children learn by play
  • Role of sport

Session 3: The best days of your life - schools, out-of-school activities and the kids who miss out

  • How schools can uncover talent
  • How youth organisations can attract disaffected kids
  • Enticing school 'drop-outs' into training