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New STICERD Research Programme

Published/Broadcast 26 October 2020

We are pleased to announce the inauguration of a new STICERD Economics of Environment and Energy Research Programme.

This will serve as a focal point for faculty, PhD students and pre-docs in STICERD and the Economics Department with interests in this fast growing area of research. The programme will support and encourage research on how economic growth can be made cleaner as well as how to mitigate potential environmental damages from growth. The objective of the programme is to emphasize the importance of these concerns in mainstream economic thinking and to create the kind of policy-relevant research needed to address environmental and energy challenges at both scale and speed. The areas of covered in the programme include include technological innovation, economic growth, climate change, pandemics, political economy, infrastructure, cities, migration, welfare policies, pollution, biodiversity loss, environmental degradation, energy, occupational change and behavioural change. We are grateful to Oriana Bandiera for her efforts in setting up the programme when she was STICERD Director. STICERD and the ERC will provide initial financial support for the programme.

Robin Burgess, Director, Economics of Environment and Energy Programme
Tim Besley, STICERD Director