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SPDO research finds child poverty is on the rise

Dr Kitty Stewart and Mary Reader wrote an article on the Independent about their newly published research, The Conservative Governments' Record on Early Childhood from May 2015 to pre-COVID 2020: Policies, Spending and Outcomes. Among many others, it is highlighted that child poverty is on the increase, especially in households with children under five. The Independent article is available here.

News Posted: 01 February 2021      [Back to the Top]

John Hills

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our friend and colleague Professor Sir John Hills. John joined the LSE in 1986 and played a significant role in STICERD's Welfare State Programme before co-founding CASE in 1997, which he directed between 1997 and 2016. He also co-directed the LSE's International Inequalities Institute 2015-2018 and was Richard Titmuss Professor of Social Policy at the LSE and the Chair of CASE. John will be remembered as a brilliant scholar and an intellectual giant who made tremendous contributions to social science. His work has had a major impact on social policy, especially in relation to poverty and inequality. He was a generous colleague, and a kind and modest man. To many of us he was an inspiration, mentor and a friend and we will miss him sorely. We send our deepest condolences to his wife Anne Power and to their family.

View our tribute website to John here.

News Posted: 23 December 2020      [Back to the Top]

Google Celebrates Sir W Arthur Lewis

Today, Google is honouring Sir W Arthur Lewis with a Doodle, 41 years on from the day he was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in economics.

Read more about Sir Arthur Lewis on the LSE Department of Economics website and what Professor Tim Besley, W Arthur Lewis Professor of Economics and director of STICERD, has said welcoming this recognition of Arthur Lewis.

News Posted: 10 December 2020      [Back to the Top]

LSE iQ podcast with Kitty Stewart on child poverty

Dr Kitty Stewart talked to Joanne Bale on the LSE iQ podcast about her recent Social Policies and Distributional Outcomes in a Changing Britain research on child poverty. The discussion aims at answering the question 'How can we end child poverty in the UK?' and is available here.

News Posted: 07 December 2020      [Back to the Top]