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CASE Social Exclusion Seminars

Social Policies and Distributional Outcomes (SPDO) event: The Conservatives' Record on Early Childhood: Policy, Spending and Outcomes from May 2015 to pre-COVID 2020

Kitty Stewart (CASE, LSE), joint with Mary Reader (CASE)

Wednesday 21 October 2020 16:30 - 18:00

Many of our seminars and public events this year will continue as in person or as hybrid (online and in person) events. Please check our website listings and Twitter feed @STICERD_LSE for updates.

Unless otherwise specified, in-person seminars are open to the public.

Those unable to join the seminars in-person are welcome to participate via zoom if the event is hybrid.

About this event

Kitty Stewart and Mary Reader will present recent work examining the record of the Conservative Government (2015-2020) on services and cash benefits for young children. They examine the aims and goals of the three Conservative administrations, explore policy changes and spending trends, and look at evidence on early child outcomes, including poverty, early child health indicators and the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile. The paper is part of the wider Social Policies and Distributional Outcomes research programme and the authors pay particular attention to what has happened to inequalities in the distribution of spending, access to services, and outcomes. The analysis stops in early 2020, pre-pandemic and lockdown, but the authors will reflect on how policy change during this five year period affected the early years landscape in early 2020, and hence the ability of families and early years services to face the challenges of subsequent months.

Listen to a recording of the event: